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World Water Day is March 22nd: Interactive Notebook to Use with Kids

Water actually has a day when people focus on just how important water is to all of us. World Water Day is March 22nd. In 2018, the theme for world Water Day is “Nature for Water”. The organization says the focus for the day is  “exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century.”
Did You Know?
1. Our planet is about 75% water.  Yet, less than 2% is able to be used by humans. Can you think of two reasons why most water is NOT available for human use?_____________ and  ____________
2. A jellyfish is almost 95% water!  A human body is made up of about 66% water.
3. Shutting off the water while brushing teeth saves about 4 gallons of water. For some people on the planet, that is a week’s supply of water. What are two ways to conserve(save) water?____________ and _____________
4. The city of  Cape Town, South Africa, is running out of water! They are experiencing the worst drought in 100 years. Day Zero, when the faucets will be turned off will be sometime this summer.  :-(
5. The water you are drinking is the same water that the dinosaurs
We don’t have any “new” water on the planet. It just keeps getting recycled. Can you name the three stages of the water cycle?____________   __________   ______________
6. Scientists say that in a 100 year time period, a molecule of water spends 98 years in the ocean, 20 months as ice and just 2 weeks in rivers and lakes. It spends only about 1 week in the atmosphere.
7. In 1996 , NASA announced that water, in the form of ice, was found on the moon, near the South Pole. 
8. Did you know that hot water freezes more quickly than cold water? This is called the Mpemba Effect. Scientists aren’t sure why this is the case.
9. Water is the only substance on the Earth that has three stages. Can you name them?____________  ________   _________
10. Water is made up of just two elements, hydrogen and oxygen.
11. Pure water doesn’t have any smell or taste. Other than for drinking, can you think of three uses of water?___________  ______________  ___________ 
12. Can you name the room in a house that uses the most water?____________
Your Turn:
  1. Illustrate one of the facts.
  2. Write a paragraph pretending you are experiencing a Day Zero, when the water stopped coming out of the faucets. Locate the city of Cape Town, South Africa, on a world map.
Teacher’s Page:
Before doing the activity, ask the students to share prior knowledge on the topic of water. Give the students the Did You Know? Fact Sheet. Regroup and discuss.
Additional Activities:
1. Teachers may find some information at this link of value to use with kids: 250 Water Facts
2. Brainstorm with kids ways to save on water, then show this Water Conservation for Kids page and have students illustrate a water conservation tip.
3. Print out these fun facts for World Water Day:Water Fun Facts
4. Learn about The Water Cycle
Related Resources of Interest:
1. Learn about: Exploring the Ocean Blue
2. Learn about: Jacques Cousteau
Feedback always appreciated.
1.   salty and frozen 5.evaporation, condensation and precipitation 9.  liquid, solid and gas
11. cooking, energy, farming, fun 12. bathroom(toilet,shower,bathtub,faucet)


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