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World Cup 2022 Begins November 21st

Fun Facts about the country of Qatar, host country of the 2022 World Cup!

1. Qatar is the first Middle East country to host the World Cup. It is also the first time two female referees will help officiate the games.

2. With no rivers or freshwater lakes in Qatar, drinking water is made from sea-water. Desalination plants remove the salt from the water for the 3 million people that live in Qatar.

3. Rock carvings and burial mounds and other artifacts such as pottery, dating back to 4000 BC, have been found in Qatar.

4. Did you know there are approximately 27 McDonald’s Restaurants in the small country of Qatar? The country is the size of the state of Connecticut.

5. Before oil and natural gas were discovered, pearl diving was a major source of income. The country has a man-made island in the shape of a string of pearls.

6. Qatar began an independent country in 1971. Great Britain controlled the country from 1916 until this date. The county is a hereditary monarchy. The family is the Al Thani family.

7. The flag of Qatar is white and maroon.

8. Qatar is a very wealthy country due to oil and natural gas. In fact, after Russia and Iran, Qatar has the largest natural gas reserves.

9. Qatar has a very hot climate. The highest temperature recorded was in July, 2010. The temperature registered 122.7 F.(or 50.4 C)

10.A very FLAT desert nation, only the Maldives is flatter. Qatar’s highest point is just 335 ft!(103 meters) It is called Quran Abu al Bawl.

11. Two traditional sports of Qatar are falconry and camel racing. Today, robot jockeys, controlled by walkie-talkies, are used in the camel racing!

12. The national dance of Qatar is the Arch sword dance, from the Bedouin people.

13.The traditional clothing worn by men is a thawb (ankle length white robe). Women were a black cloak called an abaya and a hijab (veil)

14. There are several mammals found in Qatar (camels, honey badgers, golden jackals, long eared bats, gazelle, desert hares to name a few). The national animal of Qatar is the Arabian oryx.


1.Pretend you are visiting Qatar for the World Cup. Send a “postcard” including 4 facts learned from the handout.

2. Select five words mentioned in the handout and place each in a sentence.

3. Review a map of Qatar and write 4 facts about the country’s geography. Check out a map of Qatar:


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