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Dr. Les Potter has over 53 years in education in the US and Egypt with 45 years in school and university administration. Currently Les is retired from full time employment but is a consultant at Core...
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Tips for Educators: Refresh Your CV and Portfolio

As you continue your educational journey as a teacher or administrator, you should update your CV and portfolio. I always recommend that you keep a folder, paper or electronic, for activities you want to remember for future reference. This is useful if you ever plan on transferring or applying for a promotion. I suggest that you add to your folder at least during the winter and summer break. Of course you can do more often but it can become a habit if you do this at least twice a year. This gives you time to reflect on what you have done in your class or school over the last few months and add to your folder.

It is surprising the things that you have done during the course of the school year that are worth remembering. Whether it is committee work, PD, graduate classes you have completed, special projects you have been involved in, etc. This can help you in getting that transfer or promotion. It is a lot easier to remember your activities every six months or so then after five or ten years.

Do you have quick access to your transcripts, certifications, current references, certificates, etc. that you may need for your portfolio in the hiring process? The same with your CV. Keep it current and certainly personalize when sending to employers. You might be surprised how many out of date CVs I have received in my 45 years in school administration.

Also secure current references letters. They need to be updated as well. Receiving a reference letter that is dated ten years ago is not of much value to the hiring committee.

When you are applying for a new position, make sure you read carefully the requirements of the job. If they ask that you need the PGCE or a masters degree, mention that you have what they want in your CV and include a photocopy in your portfolio.

You never know when you need to transfer. Often it comes unexpectedly. Your spouse is required to move, be nearer to a sick relative, a reduction in staff at your school, a better opportunity at a nearby school, etc.

Be prepared and good luck!

Dr. Les Potter
Founder Potter’s Educational Services
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