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Tactile Letter Sound Practice: Mess Free & Fun!

Tactile foam letters are the perfect way to practice letter recognition and letter sounds as well as making words for centers, guided reading, and Daily 5!

foam letters for learningAs an intervention teacher, I spend a lot of time with my kindergartens and even early first graders on letter recognition and letter sounds. Once students have a firm grasp of letter recognition, we move on to letter sounds. I created a FREE letter match up game to specifically use with these Tactile Foam Magnet Letters so that my students can trace the letters after matching up the letter to the word.

The activity is super simple, but great reinforcement. Students pick a card and say the picture word. They listen for the beginning sound, and then pick up the letter and place it in the empty box. Since the letters are magnetic, you can have students stick the completed cards on a white board on your wall. This allows you to give a quick glance up to see if they’ve gotten the letter correct if you’re working with other students.


Grab the free match up sound task cards printable and learn more about this awesome activity by clicking here.