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Summer Reading: Teachers in History, Art, English and French

Summer Reading Tips

I have just completed my first three summer reading books that I can endorse for Art, History, French, and English faculty members.

Angels of Paris by Rosemary Flannery is a stunning illustration of the art and architecture of Paris, and is a total work of love! The author takes you on a tour of multiple examples of the angels adorning a myriad of buildings in Paris. The stories, illustrations, and dedication of this book is a magical experience! The book makes a great gift for anyone who is a romantic! I loved the little stories and niche descriptions of this City of Light. A fun and light read that enhances anyone who has visited Paris, and will make anyone put this "on the bucket list" of must visit worldly cities! 



Saving Mona Lisa  by Gerri Channel by contrast to the above book is the gripping story of the German occupation of Paris and so much more. Superbly researched and accompanied by wonderful photographs, it is a story of our love for this amazing piece of art, history, and humanity. Saving Mona Lisa reveals so much history abour Europe, art and the preparations for war in galleries around the world.


The Rape of Europa by Lynn H. Nicholas is a National Book Critics award winner for a reason! This scholarly work reads like a gripping adventure story and transforms this time in WWII history into a different point of view as we see the moral courage and greatness of the art world in the face of pure evil! From the "Degenerate Art" shows to the out-and-out theft of so many treasures, this is an essential read! It was a difficult text to put-down and I found myself reading it through every breakfast, lunch and dinner! The fate of art was never this well explained in any other text!