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Reindeer Cops? In the News Bell Ringer Activity

Seems Santa isn't the only one that relies on reindeer to get things done.Police in Siberia are thinking of a new way to fight crime...using reindeer! 
Seems that snowmobiles are no match for chasing crooks in the deep snow and reindeer may be the answer. Reindeer have the ability to see in the dark. Reindeer eyes seen the sun's UV rays reflecting off the snow. Reindeer also have great hooves that cut into ice. Their hooves act like shoes,spreading out as they move! And, they never run out of gas or break down like snowmobiles do.  Police are finding that law-breakers using carts pulled by reindeer are getting away from them! A four-legged police transport may be the answer!

Extension Activity:
* Pretend you are a reindeer cop and tell about a day in your life.  What's going on? What do you do?Etc.
* Discuss persuasive writing. Write a paragraph trying to convince someone that using reindeer in law enforcement in such a snowy region would be a good idea.
* Write a persuasive paragraph expressing why you would oppose the idea of using reindeer in law enforcement.
* Read the story,"How the Reindeer Got Their Antlers", by Geraldine McCaughrean
* Learn about Siberia:  Have groups of students find 5 interesting facts about Siberia and share their findings with the class. Have students draw/color a picture of a reindeer. Write FIVE facts you learned about Siberia. and


Fun Reindeer Facts:
Reindeer are known as caribou, wild reindeer and reindeer.
Male and female reindeer have antlers!
With a great sense of smell, a reindeer can find lichen to munch on, 2 ft. beneath the snow. The favorite lichen is called "reindeer moss".
Reindeer are very good swimmers!
A Reindeer can run at speeds of up to 40 mph.
The sound a reindeer makes is a bellow.
Like fingerprints, a reindeer's antlers are unique.No two are alike!

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