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Mes de la Herencia Hispana (National Hispanic Heritage Month)!

National Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15th. It was originally established, in 1969, as Hispanic Heritage Week, by President Lyndon Johnson. In 1988, it became a month long celebration. Learn some of the contributions made by Hispanic (and Latino) Americans, to our country, with this informative webquest!

1. National Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15th to celebration the independence for which five Latin American countries?______________ _________  __________   ___________ and ___________.Which other holiday occurs during National Hispanic Heritage Month?_________ According to the 2010 Census (a survey of a population), what percent of people living in the USA are of Hispanic or Latino origin?_________Find the answers at Hispanic Month website.

2. Perhaps, you’ve heard a mariachi band? This music originated in Mexico. Which music  is popular with people who came from Puerto Rico and Cuba?_________Which type of music uses both the accordion and alto saxophone and has roots with German and Czech music?________ From which country, do most people of Hispanic and Latino origin in the United States, come from?_________Which popular condiment( something placed on food to add to the taste) sells better than ketchup in the U.S.A?__________Which green vegetable snack is often served with chips?________Find the answers at Spark Enthusiasm website.

3. Many words in English originated (started) with Spanish words. It is thought that at least_________ English words originated with Spanish words. Oregano, tomato, burrito and taco are examples. Find three words that have to do with cowboys that come from Spanish._________   __________and______________What are three words that came to us from sailors stopping at Caribbean islands?_________   __________ and ____________Which insect’s name comes from a Spanish word?________Find the answers at Fact Monster.

There are 12 web questions, a Did You Know? section, comprehension questions, a Teacher Page with extension activities and the key.

Did You Know? (SAMPLE of some of the facts)

• Before colonists settled Plymouth Colony, there were people living in St. Augustine, Florida, and Sante Fe, New Mexico.
• Chinese (Mandarin) is spoken by the most people in the world. The second most spoken language is Spanish.  A close third is…English.
The majority of Hispanic people in the United States came from the country of Mexico.
Pedro Flores was the first to mass-produce the yo-yo in the United States.

Comprehension Questions: (SAMPLE of some of the questions)
1. Which layer of the atmosphere was affected by chlorofluorocarbons? How is this layer important to us?

2. What is the term for the highest court in the United Sates? Who is the head of this court?

Define and place in a sentence: census, architecture, condiment, customs, luminaries, piñata.

Teacher Page:
Have students in small groups work on the webquest. Regroup and discuss the webquest.

Have groups make 7 true or false questions to exchange with another group to answer as a review.

Extension Activities: (SAMPLE OF SOME of the ACTIVITIES)

1. Fun online activities:  Play Paco’s Passport

2. Game from Mexico: Toma Todo

3. Read a Hispanic folkstory  The Ugly Princess  or The Bear-Prince, The Gypsy queen and the Forbidden Chamber. (from Mexico)

4. El Chupacabra, is a mythical creature. Write 5 descriptive phrases to describe a chupacabra. Draw/color a picture. Write a day in the life of a chupacabra.

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with this fun/informative webquest: Hispanic Heritage Month. There are 12 questions- famous people, customs, contributions are included. A Did You Know? section, comprehension questions, a Teacher Page with activities and key!