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Leaders of USA and North Korea to Meet on June 12th

Founded in 1948 by Kim II-Sung, North Korea is officially called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. About the size of the state of Pennsylvania, it has been nicknamed the Hermit Kingdom because it is a country that few from the outside world have visited. The leader of North Korea and the President of the United States are meeting for the first time in Singapore. The date for this historic meeting is June 12th.
Your Turn:
1. What is ONE fact you know about the country of North Korea?  ____________________________________________________________________
2. What is ONE fact you already know about the country of Singapore?  ____________________________________________________________________
3. Locate the country of North Korea on a world map. What are TWO facts you learned about the country of North Korea from looking at the map? _________________________________________ and ________________________________________________
4. Locate the country of Singapore on a world map. What are TWO facts you learned about the country of Singapore from looking at the map?     _________________________________________ and ________________________________________________
3. Have you heard in the news what the leaders of the two nations hope to discuss at this meeting on June 12th? ____________________________________________________________________
4. It was reported that Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, wants the United States to pay for his $6000 plus (a night) hotel suite, in Singapore. Do you think that our country should do this? Why, why not?  ____________________________________________________________________
5. Do you think it is a good idea for a world leader to meet with another world leader with whom you do not agree? Why, why not?  ____________________________________________________________________
Did You Know?
1. North Korea has their very own time zone. It is called Called Pyongyang Time.
2. After you finish school, you are assigned a job for life. You do NOT get to choose your profession.
3. At one time all teachers in North Korea needed to learn to play the accordion!  It is still a popular instrument in North Korea today.
4. The North Koreans used a calendar based on the birthday of their founder, Kim Il-Sung. The date was April 15, 1912. So, in 2018, the Korean calendar is the year 106.
5. The country actually has 28 official hairstyles allowed to be worn by its people.
6. It is said that only about 3 % of the roads in North Korea are paved.
7. The largest city is its capital, Pyongyang and is restricted to only certain people.  Outside the capital, many people have lots of shortages,  including electricity.
Things to do:
1. Illustrate a fact learned from the web quest or create a postcard and write 3 facts learned in their note.
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