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Martha Moore - Primary Paradise: Martha Moore has always had a passion for teaching and sharing with others, even from a young age. She really enjoys being able to share her ideas and connect with...
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How to Ignite Student Writing with Rich Literature

As teachers, we know that student writing and reading are intrinsically linked. Sometimes, all it takes to bring out their inner writer is the right book. So, how do we find those perfect books to help our students grow as writers?

Our friends over at Primary Paradise dive into Using Real-Aloud Connectors to really ignite writing in K-5 students. It’s so important to share rich, engaging books with our students to help spark their imagination, and Read-Aloud Writing Connectors are books that do just that. Primary Paradise shares their feedback from their Steps to Literacy book collections which range from each individual grade K-5.

These Read-Aloud Writing Connector collections were curated by Steps to Literacy pedagogy staff and include engaging and exciting story lines to ignite student writing. The books they’ve chosen are designed to inspire, but not overwhelm.

Find out more about how the connection between reading and writing is key to unlocking our students hidden potential as strong writers, why the Steps to Literacy collections are must haves for your classroom library and get this FREE DOWNLOAD of Martha’s DIG DEEPER WRITING QUICK CARDS.

Read the full article on Igniting Student Writing at Primary Paradise.