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Halloween is a great time to discuss MUMMIES!

With Halloween around the corner, you may find these MUMMY FACTS of interest to share with your kids.
1. Mummies of pharaoh (kings) had onions place in theeye sockets for eyes.
Many mummies, male and female, were buried with extra hair wigs for the afterlife.
2.Mummies of pharaoh (kings) had onions place in the eye sockets for eyes.
Some mummies were wrapped in 20 layers of linen.
3.The oldest mummies are not Egyptian. Found in what is now Chile and Peru, the Chinchorro mummies date to 5000 BC.(Egyptians date back to 2500 BC)
4.The Takla Makan Mummies are 3000 year old mummies found in China. Interestingly, their features are NOT Chinese!
5. Egyptians didn’t just mummify people. Mummified gerbils, birds, cats, dogs, fish, snakes, baboons, crocodile, hippo and even a lion have been found!
6. During the 70 day mummification process, ancient Egyptians removed the brain through the nostrils using a hook shaped instrument. Believing it had no value, the brain was thrown away.
7. The center of intelligence and caring, the ancient Egyptians kept the heart, wrapping it and replacing it back into the mummy.Other organs were placed in special containers called canopic jars.
8.Believing mummies had healing powers, for almost 500 years, mummies were ground up and used to treat stomach aches and other ailments.Yuck!
9. During Victorian times, mummies being unwrapped after dinner was popular entertainment for the guests!
10. Believing you could take possessions into the next life, King Tut was found with licorice root, watermelon seeds as well as chariots, games, weapons and furniture and a change of underwear.
11.One mummy actually has a passport! When Ramses 11 went from Egypt to France, a passport was issued! 
Extension Activities:
1. If you were a mummy, what are 5 things you’d pack away for the afterlife. Why would you place these items in your tomb?
2. Draw/color a mummy coffin. Write 5 facts learned about mummies on your drawing in complete sentence form.
3. Write a day in the life of a mummy on display in a museum. What do you hear? See? Smell? Feel?
4. Do you think mummies should be on display in a museum or be left in their tomb? Write a persuasive paragraph on your position. Include at least 2 reasons for your position.

(2018) An Egyptian burial chamber with a large sarcophagus was recently found in Egypt. Inside the sarcophagus were the re-mains of several skeletons. The remains are in a pool of liquid. A group of people have signed a petition to be allowed to drink the red liquid! Yes, you read correctly. For some reason, the 2000 year old liquid is believed to have magical powers. Scientists disagree. It is believed that sewer leakage got inside the black sarcophagus and that those wanting to drink the the liquid mixed with carbonated water(sarcophagus soda) are foolish.

Your Turn

1. What do you think of this news story?

2. Would you believe over 10,000 people wanted to get the antiquities ministry to allow them to drink the liquid? Saying the "juices are not an elixir for life", but sewage water, they will not allow the request. Do you think that the minister did the correct thing to say NO to the petition? Why, Why not?

3. Has anyone ever asked you to do something foolish? Did you feel pressured to do it?

4. Why was this such a foolish thing to want to do?

FREE Download: Halloween is a great time to discuss MUMMIES!

Check out this resource on ALL Things Mummy. Mummies aren't just found in ancient Egyptian culture. Mummies have been found all over the world! In fact, the oldest man-made mummies are found in the country of Chile! Mummies can be naturally created or man-made. This web quest includes the different types of mummies and has 12 web questions including information on Bog Mummies such as Tollund Man, the Inca Mummies, the Taklamakan Desert Mummies of China, Otzi, the frozen mummy, the Chinchorro Mummies of Chile, the Egyptian mummies... and more. There are comprehension questions, a Did You Know? section, a teacher section with extension activities, additional links and the key. Great for a Friday activity, at Halloween time, or if you are studying ancient Egypt.

Also, check out this Reader's Theater Script on probably the most famous of all mummies, King Tut!  Learn lots of fun facts about mummies and specifically the discovery of King Tut's tomb with this play based on the To Tell the Truth Game Show Format. To Tell the Truth was a popular television show which has returned with host Anthony Anderson(of Blackish). Three guests all claim to be the real guest being interviewed by a panel. The real guest must tell the truth where the other imposters do not have to do so. Kids must be "truth detectives" to determine just who is the REAL King Tut. Directions and a suggested YouTube Clip to show the idea of the game, comprehension questions, discussion questions and extension activities(and resources) are included. KING TUT

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