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The Global Search for Education: Back to School Learning Tips from Top Global Teachers

Technology has allowed education to become a global tool more than ever before. The backbone of education, teachers, are at the forefront, combining great teaching, tech and pedagogy to create innovative learning opportunities for students. The Top Global Teachers published by The Global Search for Education are some of the pioneers leading the way with new learning programs and instruction whose influence spans across every continent. Today, our Top Global Teachers share their educational tips for mindful, successful, and sustainable learning. 

Nicholas Martino has created a video called “5 Maxims for the Future of Curriculum Design.” He suggests designing curricula that is innovative and custom to the student. Martino emphasizes  using real-world problems in class. Overall, the most essential quality is that a “dynamic, whole-system” designed curricula is accessible to all students. Watch Video.

Jim Tuscano’s video adds six more ideas to guide students towards a sustainable world. He recommends offering students a “makerspace” where students are equipped to engage in projects that integrate multiple subjects to present contextual understanding of real-world problems. Watch Video.

Another top teacher vlogger, Jennifer D. Klein, provides tips focused on sustainability and student anxiety. Jennifer’s video, “Eliminating Anxiety through Purpose,” acknowledges how living in a “VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous)” world can increase anxiety in youth. Her solution is giving children a “voice and a choice”  to develop their own insights, actions, and solutions to real-world problems. This increases the student’s sense of purpose regarding their impact in society. Watch Video.

Reprimanding students in class, requiring in-class presentation, and ignoring individual concerns of students can all unintentionally increase children’s anxiety. Adam Steiner’s video focuses on how to make the classroom a “safe place”. He offers ten ways to provide students educational alternatives to common anxiety triggers. Watch Video.

Factors outside of the classroom can also increase anxiety. Another Top Global Teacher, Craig Kemp, provides tips to help manage anxiousness. His video reminds educators and parents to encourage positivity, provide a healthy lifestyle, and help recognize anxiety triggers. Watch Video.

Though technology can be resourceful, it doesn’t just have positive repercussions. According to Chris Williams’ video, “Communicating More, Talking Less?”, as the smartphone and internet addictions increase, so does the risk of children having problematic behavior and hindered communications. Technology is embedded in today’s world, and Williams questions the permanent effects it is having on modern-day, human interaction. Watch Video.

When students think a subject is boring or too difficult to understand, it becomes harder to teach them crucial information. Maarit Rossi addresses this in her video, “Every Child can Learn and Like Math.” Ross suggests incorporating student-centered, real-world lessons. Collaborating, communicating, and increasing technological skills lead to active learning and more engaged students. Watch Video.

Outside of the classroom, creating and communicating personal opinions and knowledge is crucial. Elisa Guerra shares how the school she teaches at in Mexico starts teaching public speaking skills in third grade. Due to the in-depth skills they implement, several of their students have even become TEDx speakers as young as 11 years old! Watch Video.

Instead of providing instruction-based tips, Nicholas Breakwell takes a different approach in his video, “10 Books Every Student Should Read”. Breakwell includes novels for children and young adults, as well as books on the philosophy of education. This list also includes novels that discuss alternative ways of thinking, such as main characters on the Autism spectrum. This collection was created by the recommendations of educators and children to give students a well-rounded literary background. Watch Video.

The Top Global Teachers is a global learning platform created and published by CMRubinWorld. The platform showcases the world’s leading educators, enabling them to share their unique takes on today’s most important topics related to global learning. The platform was created to propagate the voices of the most indispensable people of our learning institutions – teachers. 

The Top Global Teachers are pioneers and innovators in fields such as technology integration, school design, arts in education, special needs education, science instruction, global competencies, project based learning and gender equity. They have founded schools, created learning models, and led classrooms in countries all over the world.

Thank you to our 800 plus global contributors, teachers, entrepreneurs, researchers, business leaders, students and thought leaders from every domain for sharing your perspectives on the future of learning with The Global Search for Education each month.

C. M. Rubin (Cathy) is the Founder of CMRubinWorld, an online publishing company focused on the future of global learning and the co-founder of Planet Classroom. She is the author of three best-selling books and two widely read online series.  Rubin received 3 Upton Sinclair Awards for “The Global Search for Education”. The series which advocates for all learners was launched in 2010 and brings together distinguished thought leaders from around the world to explore the key education issues faced by nations.

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