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Did You Know? Fun Presidential Trivia to Share for Presidents' Day!

Presidents’ Day is coming!

Share some fun facts about our Presidents:

  • Did You know that President John Quincy Adams had a pet alligator?
  • President Martin Van Buren had two tiger cubs.
  • President George W. Bush (first term) and Benjamin Harrison were two presidents elected without the majority of the people (they had the most electoral votes but not the most popular votes).
  • President McKinley's pet parrot could whistle, "Yankee Doodle”.
  • Did you know that President Franklin D. Roosevelt served HOT DOGS to the King of England?
  • Did you know that President Garfield could write with both his right and left hand at the SAME time?
  • The teddy bear is named for President Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt was the only president elected to FOUR terms in office.
  • President George Washington was a spelunker (someone that likes to search inside caves).
  • President Ronald Reagan had jelly beans on his desk in the oval office.
  • President William Henry Harrison was only president for 31 DAYS!
  • President John Quincy Adams was known to swim naked in the Potomac River.
  • President Grover Cleveland was elected President twice but not consecutively. He first served in 1885-1889 and then again, 1893-1897.
  • President Bill Clinton likes to play the Saxophone. President Ronald Reagan played the harmonica.
  • Before President Thomas Jefferson started shaking hands with visitors, visitors used to “bow” to the president of the United States!
  • President George Washington is the only president who did not live in the White House.(It wasn’t built yet)
  • President Gerald Ford is the only president who was not “elected” by the people of the United States. When President Richard Nixon resigned, as Vice President, he became president.
  • President Barack Obama likes to eat chili.
  • President Ulysses S. Grant got a speeding ticket for driving his horse drawn buggy too fast down a street in Washington, D.C. He was charged $20.
  • President Martin Van Buren is crediting with first using the word, “OK”.

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