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Kim Waltmire M.Ed. is a state and national award-winning educator. She holds an honorary seat with the 2006 USA Today All-Star Teacher team. Kim is a graduate from CCSU with a Masters in Early...
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Descriptions Using Verbs k3

One of the first things I talk about in my written expression class is  the importance of using verbs to show action. We usually begin with describing what a specific animal does so they can make a connection. When we are comfortable, it is time to select a topic to write descriptive words or phrases about. The children can use these words and/or phrases in sentences about the topic. This activity can be used with predicate expanders, verbs and adjectives depending on the objective.  The results are wonderful!

When teaching about descriptive words or  predicate expanders, often times we will brainstorm vocabulary lists and use vocabulary cue cards or table-top posters. This strategy will help our young writers focus, make choices, and write with confidence and more clarity. 

A wonderful way to keep our thoughts in order is to scaffold the writing meaningfully and purposefully, while using pictures along the way.  You will be amazed!

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