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Les Potter is currently the director of the American International School West in Cairo, Egypt. Les has over 40 years in educational leadership in the US and Egypt and most recently has been a...
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Building a Positive School Climate with Volunteer Activities

Building positive school, parent, and community volunteer relationships will improve school climate and make the school a better place to work and learn. Some possible volunteer activities:

  • Tutoring and remedial help
  • Mentoring
  • Working with academic booster club
  • Working with band, sports, cheerleading, drama, etc. clubs
  • Acting as volunteer coaches
  • Join and become active in parent and teacher organizations
  • Arranging and working with open house activities
  • Work with prom committees
  • Chaperoning on field trips
  • Working in the school---library, front office, classroom, etc.
  • Raising money for school projects
  • Working with book fairs, career and college fairs
  • Become a guest speaker in classes
  • Conducting workshops for teachers (investment, retirement planning, IT, etc.)
  • Staging demonstrations in vocational and career classes
  • Taking part in adopt-a-student
  • Working with local school advisory councils
  • Participate in ad hoc groups (safety, after school programs, extra-curriculum, etc.)
  • Participate in field days
  • Work with the after school program
  • Chaperoning dances, sports, and other activities
  • Spending time on school beautification projects

Be creative! Match jobs with the talent of the volunteers. There are hundreds of useful and valuable ways to use volunteers. Everyone who wants to be involved and qualifies with your school can do something to benefit your students.


Les Potter, Ed. D.

American International School West
Cairo, Egypt