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Gail Skroback Hennessey taught for over 33 years, teaching sixth grade in all but two years. She earned a BA in early secondary education with a concentration in social studies and an MST in social...
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Another School Shooting, Another Tragic Day in America. Will this be the day people say, ENOUGH?

I am taking to my soap box as this is my blog.  I taught in the public school for 33 years. Seeing a place of learning become a killing field is beyond comprehension for me. It makes me sad,  upset and...angry! 

I am so upset that this country refuses to do something about the gun violence in this country. I also am upset with social media such as Facebook and Instagram that do not seem able to identify hate/violent comments and notify the authorities. Why should people be allowed to own such weapons of violence, the type used by this killer in Florida? They are weapons of war for our military and law enforcement officers. You don't shoot turkeys or deer with such weapons!  Why could the shooter LEGALLY purchase an AR 15 at 18 years of age but couldn't purchase a handgun(until he turned 21)? Let's also not forget, at 18 you can purchase an AR 15 but can't purchase a beer until the age of 21. Something is seriously wrong!  People can purchase gas masks,bullet proof vests and other items which can be used in violence.Unless you work in a profession needing these items, shouldn't such a purchase be flagged for authorities to at least investigate?

Sadly, I am afraid nothing will be done, it's just another day in the USA. Outrage turns to another subject in days, until the next mass killing. As with previous mass killings, the usual comments  are made including, " Thought and prayers are with the victims and families" and "This isn't the time to make the gun issue political." Another is that those that commit such horrible killings are mentally ill. Donald Trump repeated this issue about mental illness today in his speech to the nation, yet the SECOND bill he signed into law when he came into the office was allowing mentally ill people to legally have the right to purchase a gun! Additionally, people on the watch list or no-fly list also have the rights to purchase guns. I also read that some states want to allow felons the right to purchase guns as long as they make their purchase "out of state"? What?

Sorry,thoughts and prayers are NOT enough, otherwise why is this the18th school shooting since January? This repeated news story doesn't happen in other nations. Why, here?(OK, I know the answer, other countries have reasonable gun laws). NOW, is the time to do something. ANY parent with a child in school should demand changes! Vote out any politician in November that take money from the NRA and votes with the gun lobby over the citizen safety of this country and refuse to try and pass sensible gun laws. To lawmakers and pundits who say that no gun laws would have prevented this horrible school shooting, I say, how do you know? Do you think getting millions from the NRA in donations may effect the opinions of those  lawmakers?  At this point, "doing nothing" is about all the majority of lawmakers are willing to do!  

Just like my grandparents never thought we'd be walking around with cell phones in our pockets or an internet that brings the world to our fingertips, our founding fathers didn't foresee weapons of war when they placed the 2nd amendment into our Constitution. People at their time had muskets. There must be SOMETHING we can do to safeguard the 2nd amendment AND protect our citizens, especially children going to school to learn in a safe environment!

Might today be the day, people in this country start to rally and say ENOUGH of this repeated news story?  I will take the pledge, that I will work for NOT ANOTHER SCHOOL SHOOTING.  If, not now, WHEN?  VOTE in November and get rid of NRA supported lawmakers standing in the way of any gun safety legislation. 

We must demand our lawmakers  stand to protect both young and old and, if they are unwilling, VOTE them OUT of office! 

NOT ANOTHER SCHOOL SHOOTING,or church shooting, or mall shooting or movie theater shooting...

Stepping off my soapbox...