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Updated JUNE, 2007

Stories of the Dreaming

Stories of the Dreaming "come from the cultures of indigenous Australians and have been collected from all over Australia." These remarkable stories are available in text, audio, and video formats.

The rich black background and striking starry logos add a sense of wonder to exploring these stories that have been passed down through the generations.

Simple but effective navigation links are offered at the top left of the pages under the main logo. The site requires Real Player G2 with a modem connection of 14.4 baud for audio clips and 28.8 baud for video clips.

An excellent literature and cultural studies site, Stories of the Dreaming will make an impression on students of all ages. The audio and video clips also make this a great site for use in the one-computer classroom and with special needs students. A glossary of terms helps explain the meanings of Aborigine terms used. The stories shared on this site have great significance in Australian Aboriginal culture. Hearing and seeing a story told by the "custodian" of that story is a rare treat. Be sure to read the background information pages so you can share with your students the cultural treasures these stories represent.