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PlaneMath is an outstanding site that teaches mathematics through a set of highly interactive lessons on aeronautics. The site is designed to encourage students with physical disabilities to consider careers in aeronautics but is useful to all classrooms for its outstanding lessons.

The site has a simple straightforward layout and features several fun and graphically appealing Shockwave videos.

Classrooms that register with the site become eligible to win prizes. For guidance on navigating the site, go to the Parent/Teacher Info section and click on 5. Structure of the PlaneMath Site. PlaneMath is a fairly high-tech site that is best viewed with Netscape 3.0 or Explorer 4.0 and requires a Shockwave plugin to view important sections.

PlaneMath was created with assistance from NASA to help break down some of the barriers that many students with physical disabilities experience when learning mathematics. The site succeeds with flying colors, utilizing Internet technology to create a highly accessible environment full of inspiring activities that will appeal to everyone. In fact, teachers may have a hard time getting students to move on to other work. The activities are deeply engaging, encourage high-level thinking skills, and include teacher's guides. Users can virtually research and design airplanes, plot flight courses, pilot helicopters, become air traffic controllers, and plenty more. The list of activities on this site is truly impressive. Teachers, beware; if you spend too much time on this site, you may find yourself wanting to switch to a career in aeronautics!