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National Geographic Society Xpeditions

Wow! But what else would you expect from National Geographic? This site is a geography teacher's dream that kids will want to stay in from recess to explore. The site includes an atlas, forums, an Xpedition hall, and an archive of materials supporting the U.S. National Geography Standards.

Another Wow! The Xpedition Hall is set up in a format that reminds one of the popular CD game Myst. It is very interactive and beautifully illustrated.

The National Geographic logo and links to the main sections are in a frame at the top of the page. Each section of the site has a different organizational style.

National Geographic has done it again! This is a truly awesome site set up around the U.S. National Geography Standards (USNGS). It includes a description, lesson plans, and family activities for each of the 18 standards. Check out the Xpedition Hall for an amazing adventure in geography that also supports the USNGS. It can be explored graphically, or look for the map on the right and hold your mouse over the Roman numerals to find the six wings that house the main categories of the USNGS. Move out into the wings and explore the nooks and crannies to find the curriculum materials related to the individual standards 1-18. Images appear in a window on the left as you move around. Click on those image maps to get into the curriculum. This is a site to click, click, click away in, to find all the tidbits in each area. The Atlas is also a good place to explore and download maps from all over. The discussion forums are fun and fruitful. Watch out though, you could find yourself staying in with your students during recess to look around this site!