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Highwired National Edition

Highwired National Edition is a news site that showcases the writing of high-school journalists nationwide and around the world. The site also offers space for schools to publish school newspapers on-line and create special Web sites for extracurricular activity groups, clubs, and individual classrooms to publish student writing on the Web!

The professional news site layout style is very appealing.

This is a frames site, with a comprehensive navigation bar on left.

The quality of student writing on this site is impressive. The articles, written by high-school students from more than 1,500 schools in 24 countries and all 50 states, are updated every few days. The editors look not only for outstanding writing but also for unique perspectives on current events. A wide range of writing styles is represented, each with its own brilliance. This is an excellent resource for current-events lessons, especially at the middle-school level. Teachers should definitely look into the special features offered on this site for getting classes (all subjects), clubs, activities, or school newspapers on the Net. Just click on the Highwired.com icon in the top left corner of most pages. The submission process is painless for Internet beginners and requires no HTML skills. Highwired National Edition is an excellent showcase for student writing and a helpful classroom resource.