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Legend of Captain Dave

This is an online Internet hunt. Users must follow the story of Captain Dave and answer questions about pirates along the way.

The site uses tables to separate the text from the questions. The site uses graphics, animation, and maps to enhance the information.

The actual treasure hunt pages provide back and forward navigation links. The pages outside the site require the viewer to use their back buttons to return to the hunt. The link at the bottom of each page leads users to the sponsor's Web site.

This site comes from a public library in Pennsylvania. This section is an online treasure hunt, in which viewers must follow the story and answer questions about pirates along the way. The site provides hyperlinks to pages outside the site where users will find the answers. The site is well laid out and illustrated. Students will find the story intriguing and the topic matter interesting. Viewers who answer all the questions and solve the riddle receive an official pirate membership. Users can even get additional (more difficult) questions to answer and become "officers"! This is a great way to introduce students to navigating the Internet. History teachers will do well using this site as part of an interactive lesson plan.