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Foreign Languages for Travelers

The Foreign Languages for Travelers Web site has tools for travelers and others interested in learning a foreign language. Viewers will find links to other places on the Internet with similar services.

The home page uses pull down menus to display native language selections. Users can view the site with or without graphics.

Each of the languages available at the site is listed on the home page next to an image of its flag. Users can search the site for a specific word or phrase to be translated into every language at the site.

The Web site is a complete stop for users wishing to learn foreign languages. Viewers will find over 60 languages presented at the site. Each language section has links to basic words, numbers, shopping and dining, travel, directions, places, and time and dates. The site lists where the language is officially spoken, provides links to other resources about the language, and has links to sites about the places where the language is used. Some language sections include links to translating dictionaries. This is a fun and educational site. Educators could use the site to enhance foreign language lessons or assign the site to students for additional help or practice.