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Enchanted Learning

This is a fun, educational site for audiences as young as preschool. Users will find science, language arts, geography, and craft pages, among others.

The site uses large fonts and colorful graphics. Some sections use tables for displaying information. Other sections use image maps.

The bottom of each page has links to each section. The left side of most pages has a navigation menu, which allows users to reach other areas. Some sections are formatted differently.

Enchanted Learning Softwares Web site provides an introduction to the Internet for viewers as young as preschool. The site has pages of information and activities for a variety of subjects. The "Zoom" sections bring particular topics "closer" for inspection. Users can zoom into everyday life in a different country or zoom in for more information on dinosaurs, marine life, birds, or wildlife. Some of the most popular children's rhymes are located here. The "Little Explorers" dictionary is an online pictionary with links to more than 1,000 educational activities and games on the Internet. The dictionary is available in English, English-French, English-German, English-Portuguese, or English-Spanish versions. Users can view a number of craft ideas. This is a great resource for preschool and kindergarten teachers and students. Parents can use the site for safely surfing the Internet with their children.