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Best of '98 HeaderUpdated JUNE, 2007

The TeacherSpot

Users will find weather-related resources, classroom units, and activities.

The background is an image of a notebook page. Most pages use colorful graphics and charts.

The bottom of each page has the same navigation menu, which links to every section of the site. The home page lists the topics available. Viewers can use the alphabetized index to quickly locate information.

The Wild, Wild Weather Page was created by the chief meteorologist at an Alabama television station. The information and activities at the site are for students between 6 and 16 years old. Users will find information on a variety of weather topics, including El Nino, climate, lightning, and tornadoes. Educators will find links to complete classroom weather units and other weather resources. The information here can be added to old weather lesson plans or can be used to create new ones. The site will make learning about the weather an enjoyable experience for teachers and students.