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Study Web

Study WEB provides access to information for anyone conducting research using the Internet.

Nice alignment, minimal use of tables and graphics gives the site a very straight-forward, clean appearance. Very simple look in keeping with a research facility theme.

The topics are grouped by subject, the subjects are divided into similar categories and then each category has a page of Internet links relating to it. Each of the links have a descriptive paragraph, visual content rating and approximate grade level.

This site is exactly what it says it is -- a place for anyone doing research to find the information they need as easily as possible. The categories are sorted according to the approximate appropriate grade level which makes them valuable tools for teachers looking for lesson plan and curriculum ideas. The information for each topic also notes the presence of downloadable or printable images for use as visual aids of school reports or projects. The variety of subjects and categories should allow most users to narrow in on a topic for a report, find background material for a story, begin research for a paper or just increase their knowledge of a particular topic. Besides links to educational subjects, there are also links to educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and other education related sites. With all the information and structure here it would be very easy for teachers to use all or part of this site in preparing lessons for a variety of subjects and classes as well as for students preparing reports.