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This is the Web site for GlobaLearn™, a non-profit company sponsoring live expeditions all over the world. The company maintains this Web site so students can interact with the expedition teams.

The home page uses cartoon graphics and a lot of space to give the site a "fun" appearance. The other pages vary in background and layout and use graphics as well as maps.

All of the main sections of the site are listed on the home page. The other pages have a menu bar at the bottom with links to other areas of the site.

Each expedition uses a team of 5-6 adult explorers. Along the route and, using laptop computers and digital cameras and recorders, they record their activities each day and send them via satellite so that the information can be presented on the Web site. The explorers follow a set route and at each stopping point a local school child acts as host to provide information on local history, traditions, industries and physical resources. The expeditions generally follow more populated routes so users can not only learn about the geography of the area but the people as well. The Web site is designed for the K-12 community but can be viewed by anyone interested in exploration. Registration is free and teachers can sign on in the classroom area of the site, which allows them access to teacher resources and curriculum material. This is a great site for interactive classroom lessons in geography, political science and cultural studies.