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S I T E     R E V I E W
December 1, 1999

Red Wolves of Alligator River

If you are looking for a great Internet project to use in your classroom, then you'll like the Red Wolves of Alligator River. The site critically examines the plight of the endangered red wolf in the Alligator River area of North Carolina. Lesson plans are included.

The site features some really exceptional images of the beautiful animals plus an engaging layout.

A very useful navigation bar is available at the left of all pages. If you want to hear the howling, you'll need RealPlayer G2.

Hear wolves howl in your classroom! Just go to the Learn about the Red Wolf section and click on Listen. Now that you've most likely got all the kids in your classroom howling too, take some time to explore this well-designed site. Included is lots of useful information about this highly endangered species of wolf and its habitat. Teachers will appreciate the comprehensive set of lesson plans targeted at specific grade levels (K-8). Be sure to check out the Introduction to the Activities page in the Tools for Teachers section. Here, you'll find a wealth on information plus links to two important sister sites, Red Wolf's Teacher's Companion and Wildlife on the Alligator River, that will enhance your students learning. You can register your classroom at the Teacher's Companion site and become eligible to participate in collaborative projects with other classrooms, and you will receive The Red Wolf Rambler newsletter. Your students are sure to have a howling good time with this project and learn lots along the way!