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December 1, 1999

FairTest: The National Center for Fair & Open Testing
GRADE LEVEL: Parents and Professionals

The National Center for Fair & Open Testing is an advocacy organization working to ensure that standardized testing and evaluation methods are fair, open, and educationally sound for individuals of all cultures and backgrounds.

This is a no-frills site with very few graphics.

A handy navigation bar is available at the left and bottom of most pages. Each section has its own index.

In the United States, with its diverse multicultural population, fair testing and assessment is an important issue. Test scores can determine our future. A single low score on an important exam such as the SAT can forever alter the future of the test taker by closing doors to important universities and well-deserved scholarships. FairTest is devoted to educating society about the facts regarding the quality of tests in the United States and the importance of creating fair and valid exams that adequately judge the competence of all test takers, whether they are students, potential teachers, or electricians. Included on the site are numerous articles, a quarterly newsletter, fact sheets, and information on purchasing several publications. The site is passionate and persuasive in its plea that the United States overhaul standards to equitably assess a diverse population.