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S I T E     R E V I E W
December, 1998

World Surfari

Wanna go on a surfari? Then join World Surfari and take a virtual adventure to different countries around the globe! This site is produced by Brian Giacoppo, age 12, and includes interesting facts and historical information.

Lots of fun graphics and fonts utilizing an easy-to-read white background.

This site uses frames, and has a permanent navigational bar at the bottom of the page linked to the main areas of the site, including the featured countries. At the bottom of each page are sets of icons that are linked to information about the countries.

Brian Giacoppo started this phenomenal site when he was just ten years old! This site is a tribute to what young people are capable of, given the opportunity and the inspiration. World Surfari takes you on different world adventures. Included so far are Jamaica, Italy, Kenya, Japan, and Greenland. Users will learn about each country's geography, economy, population, and history. Don't miss "Fun from Afar," a collection of cultural links to recipes, sports, language lessons, art projects, and more! If you like what you see in this little site, then sign up at the bottom of the home page for updates when Brian visits a new country.