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S I T E     R E V I E W
December, 1998
Updated JUNE, 2007

GRADE LEVEL: K-12, Professional

WNetSchool is a Web service for K-12 teachers provided by Thirteen/WNET, the major media producer for American Public Television. The site is designed in collaboration with Master Teachers and offers lesson plans for core curriculum topics that utilize technology in the classroom, including the film and web resources of Thirteen/WNET. WNetSchool also provides a forum where readers' questions are answered by experts in teaching and technology.

The site is nicely laid out with pastel backgrounds and contrasting fonts that are pleasing and easy to read. The pages have only a few graphics and an uncluttered quality that is extremely refreshing considering the huge amount of content at this site.

The main page has an index to the site in the left sidebar. Each page has links back to the main page and to the parent site at both the tops and bottoms of the pages. Some of the more remote pages are also linked to their subject heading pages.

If you watch your local Public Broadcasting System (PBS), then you are certainly familiar with some of the high-quality programming produced by Thirteen/WNET, the parent company of wNetSchool. Their productions include Nature, Great Performances, and Savage Earth. Thirteen/WNET also produces its own wNetStation web site whose content compliments the programs produced for PBS. WNetSchool is devoted to promoting educational programs that incorporate technology in the classroom. Each month the staff produces a set of lesson plans that draw predominately from both Thirteen/WNET's film library and wNetStation's web resources. They supplement the lesson plans with additional resources from the Web. Click on Best Lessons in the main menu to find the complete set of lesson plans. Check out the Internet Primer for an introduction to using the Web or Ask the Experts for advice from top professionals in the field of education and technology. The staff also writes monthly reviews of selected sites that are worth a look. You might want to participate in TeacherTalk, a technology-in-education discussion group, or visit the Student Gallery of work inspired by wNetSchool lessons. You can also sign up to receive a monthly newsletter with updates about what's new on wNetSchool, plus site reviews and short articles. This is a big site, so take your time exploring it, and be sure to bookmark it for future visits!