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S I T E     R E V I E W
December, 1998

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Put on your cap and mitt, let's go to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum! Here's the place to find information about the greatest players of all time, check out online exhibits, test your knowledge of the sport with a trivia quiz, and more.

The bright white background makes this site refreshingly easy to read while conveniently adding to the red-white-and-blue theme of America's national sport.

The site has variety of page layouts. The homepage has the main navigational menu. Most of the pages are linked back to the homepage at the bottom. The players' information area is set up with frames.

Sports fans will love this site. Many will want to go directly to the good stuff, and find out more about baseball's greatest players. Just click on Hall of Fame Gallery on the main page, then on Member's Gallery. Here you'll find a list of the more than two hundred members of The National Baseball Hall of Fame. Click on one of the names in the sidebar to get a peek at a photograph, a short professional biography, and the lifetime stats for that player. Once homage has been paid to the baseball greats, you may want to look around the rest of the site. A good place to check out is the Exhibits & Features. Currently available online are: Women in Baseball; The Fall Classic: A History of the World Series; and The Single Season Home Run Record. Just how much do you know about baseball? Find out by playing the Trivia Quiz. Most of the rest of the site is about the Museum itself, and if you're lucky enough to live nearby, you might want to consider taking your class on a field trip to this venerable place. Click on Educational Programs to find out about the different programs available. For the curious, the Why Cooperstown? link tells an interesting story about why they chose this location for the Hall of Fame back in 1935. Have fun with this site, but be sure to take off your baseball mitt or you won't be able to use your mouse very well!