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S I T E     R E V I E W

The Wizard's Lab
GRADE LEVEL: 12+ & Professionals

A somewhat high tech approach to teaching physics on the Internet. Most of the material is text-based so users with basic equipment will be able to easily view the information.

Most of the text pages use small graphics to complement the articles. The site also features a cartoon image of a wizard. Some of the articles include animated graphics.

The site uses many new technology features for navigation. Each page has the same menu at the bottom which allows the user to move to any section of the Web site. Some users might have difficulty with the extra technology if their browsers are not configured properly.

The Wizard's Lab was created for anybody who wants to know more about physics topics including motion, light and sound. The site takes the approach that learning can be exciting and uses Internet technology to present its information. Viewers can use the discussion board or the chat page to discuss topics with other users. The Wizard acts as a guide through each section of the site. If viewers have their browsers configured properly they can also listen to introductions and lessons as they read along. The introduction page gives users an overview of the site and provides some tips to make visiting the site more enjoyable. Each section also has an online quiz that users (or teachers) could use. This site could motivate student interest in science and physics and could also help teachers make dry material seem more fun.