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Thousand Cranes Peace Network

This is the Web site supporting a project designed to deliver 1 million folded paper cranes to the Childrens Monument in the Peace Park in Hiroshima, Japan.

The site has some photographs of the Peace Park in Hiroshima but it's mostly text. The background and borders are fairly plain with some color used for variation.

The main areas of the Web site are set up as links on the home page. Users also have a menu at the bottom of each page for navigating within the site.

This site is the home page of the Thousand Crane Peace Network, which is based on the story of Sadako Sasaki. She was stricken with leukemia from the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. While ill, she began to fold a thousand paper cranes for good health but died before she could finish. Her fellow students folded the remainder of the cranes but were also inspired to raise money for a memorial to the child victims of the atomic bomb -- The Peace Park. The Peace Network is coordinating a project to have as many bundles of 1000 cranes as possible transported to peace parks and monuments around the world. The goal is a million paper cranes by January 1, 2000. The site includes origami and folding instructions, information on books, photographs, art work, videos, and audios. Resources and guides are also available for teachers. Users can find information on related magazines and newsletters as well as additional resource lists. This could be a great project for social studies, history or cultural studies classes.