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National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts
GRADE LEVEL: 9-12 & Professionals

This is the Web site for the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts which supports artistically-orientated high school seniors.

The site uses a deep-colored background that makes reading fairly easy. Borders and menu buttons are used sparingly.

Each page uses the same graphical menu with a link to each section of the site.

The National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (NFAA) is a non-profit arts organization set up to support emerging artists and help them in their educational and professional developments. The organization also promotes the arts in American society. The organization sponsors ARTS (Arts Recognition and Talent Search), a national program set up to locate, recognize and encourage talented high school seniors who demonstrate excellence in dance, photography, theater, jazz, music, voice, visual arts or writing. Users can find information at the site on the week-long program for recipients as well as other scholarships, grants and alumni support offered by the program. The Web site also has information on additional awards and career development. This is a great site for educators and students in performing-arts or arts-oriented schools. The site would also be helpful for students in academic high schools who are interested in pursuing careers in the arts.