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Common Errors in English

This site lists common errors in word usage in the English language. Each example provides a sample of wrong usage and the correct usage.

With the exception of the title graphic the site is text-based. Words are shown in a list that can be difficult to read. Lower sections of the page use dividers and more structure.

Users can choose words from an alphabetic menu or click on the words themselves. The list runs together and can be confusing. Additional links and other information found farther down the page are a little more organized. Navigating within the site is easy with the link back home on each page.

Users will find words that many writers have difficulty using correctly. Users can find a good selection of them here, along with examples of their correct usages. Examples of the information here include allusion/illusion, hanged/hung and their/they're/there. Other examples are singular words that are generally also misused. Examples of other commonly misused words include apartheid (pronunciation), hopefully and suppose to. The author gives users the correct usage as well as an explanation. The Web site includes examples of words or grammar that are perceived as being used incorrectly but are actually correct. Viewers can also find a list of outside grammar resources to help with their writing. This is a good reference site for English teachers and students as well as writers, journalists and anyone wishing to improve their grammar skills.