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Updated 12/11/2007


Stamp on Black History

A site based on the US Postal Service's collection of Black History-related stamps. Information here includes biographies, activities and art.

The graphics of the stamps are very clear. The biography text is somewhat small but legible. The areas of the site designed specifically for kids are colorful and easy to read.

The home page lists the sections of the site. Each page includes links to other sections and/or a link back to the home page.

As the introduction on the first page says "The Postal Service has issued Black History-related stamps to commemorate black men and women who have contributed to America's history and who have made a difference." This collection begins in 1940 with the Booker T. Washington stamp, and contains over 50 stamps from Louis Armstrong to Whitney Moore Young. The stamps are grouped in the site alphabetically or by curriculum subject, which would allow teachers to use the information in lesson planning. Each stamp's link has a biography of the person it depicts. There is also a section on how the Post Office chooses persons for its stamps. This particular site has a complete Black History Tour with information on the roles of black Americans, from their African Heritage to America in the 1990s. Each section has its own bibliography and is an excellent source for information on the history of blacks in America. Recently added activities and games for kids will appeal to students and could also make excellent activities for lesson planning. A lot of information in a small area.