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S I T E     R E V I E W


UCMP Exhibit Halls
(Formerly Paleontology Without Walls)



A sort of "interactive natural history museum".


Simple color patterns, large graphic buttons and wide spacing in paragraphs.


The links stand out within the text paragraphs and the image maps at the bottom of the page help to move around the site. The overall concept of a museum is difficult to follow without the navigational aids.


The website "museum" is divided into three "wings" which have their own theme and scope. The Phylogeny Wing has "a look at the diversity and relationships between the major groups of living things on earth". The Geology Wing looks "at the earth and its life at particular points in time". The Evolution Wing showcases "the people who have developed and contributed to our current understanding of phylogeny and geologic history". Each of the three wings has an Entrance Hall, (the home page) which allows you to begin to explore from a fixed point. The "hallways" are depicted by subsequent pages and specific exhibits are denoted by various grey buttons. Using these buttons help to keep you from getting lost. (Reading the Navigational Guide section helps immensely). In addition to the buttons there are text links to related exhibits, which are sometimes easier to follow. At the bottom of most pages is a "Web Lift" which will get you quickly to a certain area in any of the three wings (a sort of mini searchable database). There is a lot of information here and it's sometimes difficult to find, but well worth the effort.