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S I T E     R E V I E W



CyberSurfari is an Internet treasure hunt, co-hosted by the Software Publishers Association, Yahooligans! and corporate computer sponsors.

The homepage is dedicated, understandably, to providing links to its many corporate sponsors and has minimal information and links. The following pages are more detailed and user-friendly designed.

Users navigate the site with the icon menu bar at the top of each page and using the links on the sidebar menus.

CyberSurfari "is a digital form of the traditional treasure hunt in which students compete for cash and prizes to benefit their school's technology labs and classrooms. As each school team searches for cyber-treasures, they'll discover the vast educational resources, information and opportunities available through the World Wide Web." For teachers there is online support for helping students along with a "Virtual Classroom" during the contest which has specific themes each month. It's a great way to introduce students to the Internet and to have them practice their surfing skills while they compete for prizes and money to build up their computer labs in school. The prizes are quite generous. The idea is to collect the answers on the World Wide Web to about 100 questions found at the Surfari's "outposts". There are hints and help along the way and the process is very simple, once you have registered. The contest is divided into two categories, speed and random drawing so that everyone has a chance of winning.