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Updated JUNE, 2007


Ancient City of Athens

A collection of photographs of the ancient ruins in Athens, Greece.

With the exception of the photographs themselves there are no graphics and a lot of text.

The user has to read a lot of text before finding the sections of photographs. Once there, however, the photos are easy to find.

The theme of this website is to show the ancient city of Athens based on the accounts of a traveler named Pausanias who spent several years traveling throughout Greece in the 2nd century A.D. The photographs are organized in "essentially the same order as they were visited by Pausanias". Along with the photos are links to an English translation of his writings for each section. These links are full of information about the ancient city. There are two ways to travel through this site. Within the translation are links to a searchable database for key words within the text. For the more in-depth user, there is a wealth of information available on specific subjects. Anyone, particularly students researching papers, would be pleased with the amount of detailed topics available in one location. However, this "look up tool" could be somewhat overwhelming for someone interested in ancient Greece only generally; they should stick to the wonderful photos of Athens. For both types of readers, however, a quick tour of the photos, with the accompanying text could make you feel as if you've been there.