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Link updated October 27, 2004

The Mayflower Web Page

Here is a site that contains just about all the information known about the Mayflower and its famous passengers, the Pilgrims. This comprehensive site contains everything Pilgrim, from genealogical lists and the biographies of passengers to information about what fashions young Pilgrim girls wore in 1620.

The Mayflower Web Page has a nice hewn-plank background and an uncluttered feel.

This is a frames-only site with a comprehensive listing in the left frame. Be aware that if you click on the Mayflower passenger list, that the frame will switch to the passengers of the Mayflower. Don't worry though, just scroll to the bottom of the frame and there's a link back to the main site. Note that a number of links on the site are to outside resources.

The Mayflower Web Page is an excellent resource for teaching about this well-known (though, sometimes inaccurately reported) chapter in American history. The site is well researched and includes a section debunking several Mayflower myths that have become popular. Some include the idea that Pilgrims were Puritans who dressed in black with big buckles. Actually, the Pilgrims were less stringent Separatists who enjoyed many colors of costumes (without buckles). The extensive list of materials on this site makes it a useful resource for all grade levels. The basic story of the Mayflower and information about the clothing, games, and lifestyle are great foundations for lessons in the younger grades. An impressive list of original documents also makes this site an excellent resource for middle and high school history classes. Educators should be sure to check out the Message to Teachers page in the introduction section.