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Have you ever wanted to be involved in a scientific field study? Do you like cold weather? Well, you may want to participate in the Glacier project. Designed to promote awareness of Antarctic and Arctic environmental science in K-12 classrooms, Glacier provides first-class online resources. It also sponsors the Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic (TEA) program that sends lucky teachers into the field to study the remote environments and report back to their students and colleagues.

This site has lots of extremely cool graphics, brrr!

Navigate from the main page, and look for navigation support bars at the bottom of most pages. The site uses CU-SeeMe video technology to communicate with scientists and TEA teachers in the field.

Glacier is a truly awesome site with tons to see and do. Your students can learn many surprising facts about the remote polar locations. Did they know that the Antarctic ice contains 71 percent of the Earth's fresh water and that if the ice there melted, the oceans could be raised by more than 200 feet? Or did they know that the North Pole is warmer than the South Pole? Learn about all that and more through a variety of resources. Teachers will appreciate the list of teaching modules created by former TEA teachers that have returned to their classrooms. Look for them in the Teachers Experiencing Antarctica section. Other sections include Introduction, Expedition, Weather, Ocean, and Ice. Don't miss the soon to be launched Global Connections section! Be informed that you could get hooked on this one and find yourself in Antarctica next year!