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S I T E     R E V I E W
November 1, 1999

General Chemistry Online!

General Chemistry Online is a Web site designed as a resource for first-year general chemistry students. Included on this useful site are interactive tutorials, quizzes and exams, a Slide Index of high-quality diagrams, an FAQ, and an Ask Antoine section, where students can get the answers they need to puzzling problems.

The professional layout that is highly readable and includes plenty of great diagrams helps explain complex concepts.

The site features a well-organized navigation sidebar at the left of all pages and is searchable.

General Chemistry Online is the creation of Frostburg State University chemistry professor Fred Senese. The site was designed for first-year college students but also has much to offer high school chemistry students. Students and teachers will appreciate the highly interactive nature of the information presented on the site. The tutorials are comprehensive and offer hints to students who might have difficulty answering the question given at the end of each section. In addition to the tutorials, the site offers handy Companion Notes for each topic covered that contain learning objectives, notes, and links to all related tutorials, quizzes, and exams on the site. This is an outstanding resource for chemistry teachers and students.