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Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By


Whootie the Owl is the guide to this warm and friendly children's story site that features folktales from around the world. Kids can not only read the delightful stories but also submit illustrations and feedback about what they think about them. Middle school students can participate in a children's theater script-writing contest.


The site features bright, happy colors and story illustrations submitted by users.


Use Whootie Owl's colorful icons at the top of the pages to navigate the site.


Whootie Owl and his human companion, Elaine Lindy, have compiled a delightful collection of nondenominational multicultural folktales that teach specific values. The end of each story includes a set of questions for readers to respond to and submit to the site. The questions prompt readers to think about the deeper messages within the story. New stories are added each month, and users are encouraged to submit appropriate illustrations. The story collection can be browsed or searched by story type or theme. The site also offers games for kids to play, links to other sites, and a lesson plan outline.