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November, 1998

Playbill On-Line

Theater buffs will love this site, devoted to Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional and London theater. Playbill On-Line contains theater news, schedules, ticketing, job information, articles, and even a section on theater art.

This cheerful site is laid out like a newsletter. Plenty of graphics on the first page, but not as many as you move into site.

The site has a comprehensive navigational sidebar that appears on every page, as well as search engines to find articles and schedules.

Playbill On-Line is a huge source of theater information, published by the same company that has produced Playbill Magazine on Broadway for the last 114 years. Here's where you can get the latest theater news, purchase tickets to Broadway and London shows, obtain group discounts, and even find clickable maps to direct you to theaters in unfamiliar cities. The theater listings include Broadway, Off-Broadway, Regional, London, National Tours, and Summer Stock Theaters. The Regional and National Tours sections each have search engines that help you find productions in your local area. The regional search engine includes a feature that when clicked will return only theater productions suitable for children. There is also an extensive list of links to other sites. This is a great site for planning field trips and for researching theater arts.