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November, 1998

No Cavities Club

The No Cavities Club is a site dedicated to healthy teeth. Dr. Bunny teaches children about oral hygiene with interactive games, stories, and art projects.

The site has lots of bright, colorful animated graphics. The text is big and easy to for children read.

Every page has a big Dr. Bunny icon to take you back to the main page of the site. The main navigation bar at the bottom of all the pages is linked to the Colgate-Palmolive Company Main Site.

The No Cavities Club site is provided by the Colgate-Palmolive Company as a part of their Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program. The site requires the user to type in their name before entering. The site remembers the name, then gives personalized messages to the user. Dr. Bunny, the host of the site, guides the user through the many different activities. Two of the games, Connect the Dots and The Jungle Game, require the Shockwave plugin to run. The site is host to a children's monthly poster contest that features the art of children from all around the world. Children can leave a message for the tooth fairy, who will respond the next day by e-mail! Don't worry about giving out information though, the site promises that any information given (including the cookie you receive when entering) will expire within a short while and become irretrievable. This is a great site for children to learn about the importance of good oral hygiene.