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November, 1998

Garden State Pops Youth Orchestra

This site offers both general and auditioning information about the Garden State Pops Youth Orchestra. It also has music education and music history sections, downloadable midi and RealAudio music, and a page of music related links.

The site is easy to read and has lots of colorful graphics.

The frames version has a well organized side bar for navigating. There are, however, few navigational links on the individual pages for non-frames browsers. A number of the links are outdated.

The Garden State Pops Youth Orchestra is an offshoot of the New Jersey-based Garden State Pops Orchestra. The site is predominately about the orchestra, and contains information about the orchestra's history, where they have toured to, information about auditioning. and upcoming tours, as well as RealAudio files with examples of their music. In addition, the site is linked to the Data Dragon Music Education database, which contains some good information on instruments, musical genres, reading music, and this day in music history. There is a set of MIDI files that could be useful for music appreciation.