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S I T E     R E V I E W

Healthy School Meals Resource System
GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

Information, resources and updates on school meals, nutrition and food services from the USDA's Team Nutrition Program.

Most pages are text-oriented in outline format. Subsequent pages vary in color and layout.

The outline format makes locating links easy. Viewers must use their browser's back button to navigate within the site.

The Web site has information on planning, preparing and serving meals as well as regulations and software. A main feature of the site is a searchable database of reviewed training materials for school food-service and child-nutrition personnel. Users can sign up for the MEALTALK mailing list to discuss issues with other professionals or look over the archives from the list on the site. The site has recipes and menus as well as a new section where users can contact a chef to receive expert advice. Links to resources from the food industry, the USDA and outside sources are also available. This is the place for administrators, food service personnel and child nutrition professionals to communicate with others in their fields and to stay current on issues.