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S I T E     R E V I E W

URL updated October, 2008

Geography World

Resources, activities, information and images relating to geography.

The background uses a light image of a world map. The text on the home page is easy to read. The site uses minimal graphics but does link to some outside sites with graphics.

This Web site is comprised of links to outside sites. All of the information is divided into categories that are listed on the home page. Moving through the site requires the use of the browser's back button.

Although the site does not have any original material, it does provide access to a large amount of information. Many different aspects of geography are featured here. The contents are separated into topics such as erosion, plate tectonics and weather. The site also covers issues such as population, the environment and conservation. The site has links to maps, games and quizzes that teachers could easily incorporate into an interactive lesson plan. In addition, the site has information on the field of geography including careers in geography, world records and geography in the news. Because of the extensive list of geography links this would make an excellent resource for all geography teachers. Younger students would be excited by the information on earthquakes and tsunamis, and by the space photos. Older students could handle topics such as rain forests, the Greenhouse Effect and mining. Teachers will also find information on the five themes of geography and national geography standards. The time and latitude/longitude information could also be used in mathematics classes and population issues could be discussed in social studies or ethics classes. This site shouldn't be missed!