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Charter Schools
GRADE LEVEL: Parents & Professionals

This site was created to provide information, resources and listings for anyone interested in learning about charter schools in the United States.

The site uses minimal colors and graphics and is easy to read.

This is a text-based site set up similar to a book, with an index menu on the left side and information for each area on one page. The information is accessed by scrolling down the page.

This site contains a lot of information for individuals wishing to start a charter school, those already operating one, parents who wish to research one and anyone else interested in the charter school movement. The site has an overview of the movement and also links to resources for newcomers. An entire section is devoted to the steps involved in setting up a charter school and the theories behind them. The site also has a searchable database of current charter schools, which are also listed by state. The information for this database comes either directly from schools or from publications that the site staff have researched. Schools are invited to update listings if they find inaccuracies. The resource directory has state-specific information such as addresses or links to state departments of education and state legislatures. The information here is free. The site would be a great place to start when looking for information about charter schools.