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Updated JUNE, 2007


This is the kids' version of the Web site of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.The site has activities, information and tutorials for students, teachers and parents.

The site is very colorful and uses graphics to highlight different sections. The background is black, which can make the text difficult to read; but the site's large text helps.

Each of the sections of the site are listed in its own menu bar on the home page. Each area has its own page and the format on most pages is very similar. A navigation menu to other sections of the site and the home page is at the bottom of each page.

The CBC4KIDS Web site was created as a place for children ages 8-13 to find the internet entertaining and informative while being safe. This site has news, sports, drama, science and music pages that come from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation sources. The Web site provides users with learning activities such as the upcoming "The Canadian History Challenge." This contest invites users to submit presentations on what they consider the most important events in Canadian history. The winning entry receives a multimedia computer. A recurring feature is the News section with the latest in news and sports of interest to children. The Lab section investigates scientific topics and lists experiments to try. Other sections are "Words", "Music", "Time" (which includes a "What Happened Today in History"? section) and the "Kids Club." The site also has a Homework Helper's Scavenger Hunt, which teaches students how to search the Internet and provides a scavenger hunt to reinforce the lesson. With the variety of information here teachers could incorporate sections into different subject lesson plans. The current challenges and information that is frequently updated make this a great site for daily classroom activities.