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Information : The Fifty States of the United States

The site's title says it all. It lists all 50 states, most of their state features (flag, song, bird, motto, etc.) and their capital cities.

The main page is simply folders with the two letter abbreviation for each state. The layout for each state page is quite nice with graphics of the flag and outline of the state.

The links are clearly set up and easy to follow. The information for each state is listed in a bulleted outline format.

Each state page contains a lot of information and links. There is a very interesting section describing each flag's features and reasons for them. Another excellent feature is a link to the constitution of each state , which most people have not read for their own state. The state pages also feature links to geologic information such as mineral resources, earthquakes and energy . Actual maps of each state are available from another link which gives the option of several different types of maps. By clicking on the state name graphic at the top of each page you can get to a Home Page for the state which has tons of information (most are put out by the state governments themselves). This is an excellent reference bookmark site.